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There are solutions to life's challenges! All we need do is call on the Angels who are ever ready to guide us through them! Contact me, and I will invoke their higher perspective and with their wisdom, we help you navigate the rough seas so you may sail smoothly onto your destination of vibrant health, prosperity and happiness. If you're grieving the loss of someone dear to you, as an Angel Medium, I am able to bring through messages to help ease your grief.

So, what does Feng Shui have to do with it?


Everything is  energy and everything is connected. Feng shui "sees" the world as completely alive, with all things – buildings, streets, land, furnishings, humans – connected in a dynamic relationship that influences all that we experience. In your feng shui consultation, I read your home's floor plan, make an assessment of the things you live with, and guide you in making changes that will help create a delightful place in which to live, while also nurturing, protecting, and supporting your growth and movement through life. I analyze the home and make strategic design suggestions that will enhance your goals of better health, relationships, prosperity, and overall happiness.


You are welcome to cruise my website to learn more! Use the "Contact Form" to get in touch, ask questions, or to schedule an appointment. Today is a good day to set sail on your journey to a better life!

Your Skipper,

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Angel Medium Nancy Freier
& Essential Feng Shui® Consultant

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Welcome aboard!
The Angels and I are
happy to help guide
you on your journey!

Bon voyage!

     Nancy Freier has been a channel for the angels' wisdom and guidance since 1986 following the sudden death of her beloved soulmate. She prayed for help and the angels spontaneously began communicating with her. Nancy's ongoing collaboration with them resulted in her doing personal readings and writing her column Angel Talk™ that appears in The Inner Voice magazine.

    Nancy's work is the fulfillment of a promise she made to help others live happy and fulfilling lives. She offers personal readings as well as trainings in angel and spirit communication. 

     And because everything is energy and everything is connected, your home environment directly affects you. For that reason, Nancy offers a  "Full Circle 360 Consultation" that includes an Essential Feng Shui® analysis of your home, pointing out changes you can make that will refresh your home and improve your life.         

     Hundreds of happy clients since 1999!


Readings | Feng Shui Design | Books

• Psychic Medium | Angel Guidance Readings
• Harmony By Design Essential Feng Shui®
• Author of "Angel Guidance: Wisdom For Navigating Life's Challenges
" (June 2022)
• Author of "You Can Talk With Your Angels" (June 2024)
• Creator & Publisher of The Inner Voice eMagazine

Angel Guidance Gathering on Zoom 2nd Sat. of the Month
11am Pacific • 1pm Central
2pm Eastern
6 am Sunday Sydney/Melbourne

Click HERE to Join!

Back in 1990, long before Zoom was a thing, the Angels told me that we would be will be "zooming enlightenment around the world!"  I laughed at that thought back then, but now I see it was quite the prediction!  ❤︎

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Contact Nancy today to schedule your Angel Guidance Reading, Essential Feng Shui® Consultation, or to ask a question!

Thank You ~ I'll be in touch soon!

"Angels hover around you lovingly" ~ACIM
"They are forever reaching out to you; all we need do is connect with them!"
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