There’s a secret to good looking, well-functioning interior design. Certain principles play a role in the proper placement of furnishings and treasured personal items in your home, workplace — even the landscape — that contribute to one's experiences, relationships, their wealth and prosperity and an overall sense of well-being. Essential Feng Shui® is the observation of energy flow combined with your desires, then making adjustments to determine a harmonious blend. As a result, your goals are beautifully supported and realized.
As 'The Angel Medium' I bring through their loving words of wisdom to help guide you through life's challenges.
Drop a stone in a pond and the entire body of water ripples with its effect. The same thing happens  when "dropping" a change in the home environment... everyone living there is affected. Therefore, let's make some smart, new changes!

Intuitive Nancy Freier is an interior design specialist with a keen awareness of the connection between you and your environment. She knows how to delve into the spirit of things and place your furniture and decor to enhance your life goals and attract new opportunities.

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