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There are solutions to life's challenges.

Feng shui ("fung schway") is the beautiful ancient art and science of how to arrange your environment to enhance your life. It sees the world as completely alive, with all things – buildings, streets, land, even furnishings – connected in a dynamic relationship that influences all that we experience. The growing popularity of feng shui is due to the extraordinary results it can produce in improving your health and relationships, and increasing your happiness and prosperity.

Alive, connected, and dynamic, Feng Shui views your environment as a living entity that you are either in harmony with, or in discordant partnership with. We honor its aliveness and recognize its vital connection with the quality of your entire life. I guide you in making changes to keep your home, or workplace, fresh and alive so it is a joyful expression of you ... and that it remains a delightful place to be while also nurturing, protecting and supporting your growth and movement through life.

I invoke the wisdom and perspective of the Angels' for their guidance to help you navigate your challenges and sail smoothly onto your destination of vibrant health, happiness and prosperity.

You are welcome to cruise my website to learn more.

Your Skipper,

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Nancy Freier
Essential Feng Shui® Consultant
Angel Medium

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Areas of Expertise

• Harmony By Design: A Unique Essential Feng Shui® Interior Design Service
Angel Guidance Readings | Mediumship
• Author of "Angel Guidance: Wisdom For Navigating Life's Challenges
• Creator & Publisher of The Inner Voice Magazine

     Nancy Freier is the creator of Harmony By Design: A Unique Interior Design Service based on the design principles of Essential Feng Shui®. Nancy is also a channel for the Angel's wisdom and guidance since 1986, following the untimely death of her beloved fiancé. When she called for help, the angels spontaneously began communicating with her to guide her through the pain and grief. Nancy's ongoing collaboration with them resulted in her doing readings for others that ultimately led to her book "Angel Guidance: Wisdom For Navigating Life's Challenges." Her work is the fulfillment of a promise she made to help others with challenges.

     Nancy publishes The Inner Voice Magazine that she created in the 90s and currently publishes monthly. She continues to do private angel guidance readings and offers trainings in angel and spirit communication.

     Read more of her story of how she awakened and aligned with the angels in her book. Choose either paperback or Kindle editions.

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