“God does not deal directly with man:
it is by means of spirits that all the intercourse and communication of gods with men, both in waking life and in sleep, is carried on.”

–Socrates, 469-399 B.C.
Have you ever wondered...
• Why is this (incident, accident, disease, etc.) happening to me?
• What is it trying to teach me? What lesson is my soul wanting me to learn?
• How can I heal myself?
• Why am I having this difficulty in my relationship(s)?

• Is there a past-life connection to this current circumstance?
• What do my loved ones in spirit want to tell me?

The Angels Answer Life's Challenging Questions!
We all have Guardian Angels (aka. Heavenly Messengers) who are with us throughout our lifetime along with other "paramedic angels" who appear at the scene of the emergency to guide us through it. The Angels' purpose is to help us through "Earth School," and they are ever-ready to give us their wise and loving counsel. All we need do is ask. e-mail Nancy
Part Two of the Process is Listening to the Angels
Foe over 30 years I have been listening to the inner voice of the Angels of the Great White Light (as they describe themselves) and have perfected the process of automatic writing to document what they've said. Having a tangible, written letter answering your personal questions, is empowering!  It allows you the priceless opportunity to refer to it at any time you need to remind yourself of their loving wisdom.

Meet my Angel...
In the beginning of my communicating with my angel, he identified himself as "Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light". Later he revealed he is Archangel Michael, Angel of Mercy, the Prince of Light, of the Third Sphere of Angels. Michael has been further described as the Chief of Guardian Angels. He defends Light and Goodness and among other duties, he escorts "lost souls" to the Light. In Islamic writings, his name is Mika'il meaning, “He who is like God” or “He who looks like God.” He is believed to be the author of the 85th Psalm and to be the fire that spoke to Moses as the burning bush. In mystic and occult writings, he is often equated with the Holy Ghost.

To me, Archangel Michael is like the C.E.O. of a huge heavenly corporation of angels, each having their own area of expertise. Depending of the nature of the question being asked, Sreper/Michael will hand it off to that "department" for the answer. I actually sense a different vibration or "tone of voice" when that happens. But, the angels remind ... regardless of who is answering you, the focus should be on the message and not on the messenger.
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