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 a   u n i q u e   d e s i g n   s e r v i c e   t h a t   s o l v e s   p r o b l e m s 

 a   u n i q u e   d e s i g n   s e r v i c e   t h a t   s o l v e s   p r o b l e m s 


01 About
Everything is Alive, Inter-connected and Constantly Changing

At age 10 with my 50 cent allowance, I rode my bike downtown and bought a 1960 House Beautiful magazine. Paging through it, my young self thought that if you lived in a beautiful home, you were happy. I wanted to be a part of that. I wanted to be an interior designer. Fast forward ten years, I was in design school in Milwaukee. Upon graduation, I was hired by one of Milwaukee’s top interior designers as his assistant. I made it! Mission accomplished!


After some time working my dream job, I noted some clients who were "living my dream in a beautiful home" weren’t necessarily happy. Some hated their jobs; money was tight, relationships were strained, and often the kids were suffering from such things as attention deficit disorders. Something important was missing, but I didn’t know what, and after a while I left the field I loved. Then, some time later, "Feng Shui, the Eastern Art of Placement" arrived here in the west. The first time I heard about it was in a magazine article titled, “Now There’s A Doctor FOR the House!” There was the missing piece!


I credit destiny for my finding Terah Kathryn Collins and the Western School of Feng Shui®. She has written the best definition of  Essential Feng Shui®...

          “Feng Shui, translated as ‘Wind and Water’ observes the relationship between the seen and unseen forces of nature. Like wind and water, you and your environment are two forces of nature. Your desires, goals, talents, attitudes, and feelings—like the unseen force of wind; and the home environment you live in—like the seen force of water; are constantly interacting and influencing each other. And as you and your home blend harmoniously, the effect is friendly, comfortable, and positive. Life is replete with fair weather conditions such as abundant resources, good relations, and a steady stream of opportunities. In such harmonious circumstances, your health, prosperity, and happiness thrive.
         “On the other hand, when you and your home clash in some way, extreme conditions prevail. Your own weather pattern may include a “stagnant” job, a “stormy” marriage, a “drought” of resources, or a “flood” of health problems. The primary goal of Essential Feng Shui is to bring you and your home into harmony, so that you are not just surviving one storm after another, but are thriving in a paradise of your own design.”

          "When individuals open their Feng Shui eyes, they can no longer view their homes as just ‘things’ or their belongings as just ‘inanimate stuff.’ Their homes, and all the possessions within them, suddenly come alive and are intimately connected to their quality of life. They see that their difficulties are not separate from, but actually held in place by their homes. As they embrace their connection with their homes, feelings of isolation and disconnection transform into personal power and creativity… This brings the seen and the unseen forces into harmony, and as a result, life changes for the better.”

This is where I come in. Your environment is directly affecting you right now. It is either enhancing you and your goals and dreams, or perhaps you are spinning your wheels, exhausted, or otherwise not enjoying life like you could be. How about, doing something different? Contact me, and let's get things moving in a good direction.



02  Consultations

Change your decór / Change your life!

As your professional Essential Feng Shui® consultant, I objectively see if your home environment is either blocking or supporting your goals for a wonderful life. The changes I suggest are usually quite simple, easy to do on the spot, and inexpensive. Often times my clients own the right things, but they aren't in the right place. So my work is to simply place furniture, art and decor where they become environmental affirmations.

The consultation averages 2 to 4 hours and includes bagua diagrams, detailed notes on what needs to be done and why, guidance on clearing any clutter, help with organizing closets, drawers, etc., choosing paint colors (if applicable) and the proper placement of furniture and objects. Any shopping time is charged separately.

Consultations can be done in-person or remotely with your floor plan and photos via Facetime or Zoom. After the suggestions are in place, we meet for a 30-minute follow-up call to review and refine the transformation.

Scroll down past the photos to read what some of my clients had to say.....


03  Client  Comments

“I have used Nancy Freier's services for feng shui and am very happy with the results. Thank you!” – Lauri L, Oshkosh

"I valued your help so much more as compared to the counselor I went to." – Connie L, Oshkosh

"I have used the services of the wonderful and gifted Nancy Freier to boost the energy in my home in certain areas and today she greatly assisted me in redoing my office space; it was literally draining me and voila! – now it feels like I can work in there again and not dread it.Thank you so much and I invite you to utilize her expertise as well!  –Linda J., Boom Bay

A few years ago I gave a talk on Feng Shui at The Tuesday Club, an area men’s group. Afterward, the president of the club asked for some suggestions, as they were remodeling their building and meeting space. Sometime later I ran into him at another gathering. He came up to me to thank me, and said that since they implemented my suggestions, their club membership grew from 58 members to 158! ~ something that had not happened in all the years he's been president!


"Our 9-year-old son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. The simple suggestions Nancy made regarding his bedroom allowed him to return to his happy, normal self in a very short time, without having to go on any medication! I’m thrilled at what Nancy has done for him and for our family!" –Karen B., Milwaukee

"Nancy has an incredible capacity to open the flow of a room. Her eye for creating a nurturing space is amazing!"
–Jennifer L., Appleton

“Once again thanks for the amazing changes you made to my office and retail space. The energy now feels even more amazing! Things are going extremely well. I am extremely pleased and I am sure it is because of the changes you made.” 
–Deb T., Wild Rose

“You did a feng shui assessment of my home (when my major career goal at the time was to complete the novel I was working on and get it published). You offered many suggestions and I am thrilled with the results! My home is organized, clutter-free, and every area of my life has been enhanced by having gone through this process. So many positive changes have happened.... and to top it off, I finished writing my novel and it’s at a publishing house. I am grateful for the work you do and would recommend your services to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives.”
–Amanda L., Appleton

"My bedroom looks marvelous – serene and welcoming. The painting is done, artwork is hung and I couldn't be happier. Thanks!" 

– Peg A., Green Bay

"Nancy Freier has a gift for changing the energy of your home or office environment. My office went from small and cramped where I could not focus, into a space I love being in. She has a gift of redesigning quickly, easily, and affordably according to your needs and tastes. I recommend her to anyone looking to improve the energy in their home or office.
–Rev. Lydia, Unity of Appleton

"Today we re-did my husband’s office according to your suggestions, and he loves it! Now he’s sitting in the recommended location and the room looks terrific! Another win for Nancy!"
–C.P., Sturgeon Bay

“I’m only halfway finished with your suggestions and already three very significant things have happened. I love what you did to my home! Everything feels so much better! Thank you!”
–Joan A., Appleton

"Thanks for all that you have supported us to have! Your work has been life changing! You shifted my business and you shifted my home. My kids love their ‘new’ bedrooms and things are off to a great start!
–Dr. J S., Appleton

“Your suggestions allowed our house to sell quickly. I was so impressed by what you did for us that I wonder why I waited so long to call you!” –Ruth K, Neenah

"My financial situation had continued to worsen, and I had you in to reevaluate my daughter's room and found that much of her clutter was falling into my financial corner. So I bought a neat little box and have been keeping her toys in another area, and honestly it's made a difference! I've had a steady increase in clients since. Thank you!"
–Megan K., Neenah

"It's been interesting at my office since you re-did it. My client base is still low, but the quality of people that are coming are high vibrating and amazing! I am attracting more “like-minded" people who are ready to grow into a higher level of being. It's been a fastening journey. Life is good!"
–Linda H., Fond du Lac

"It's been crazy around here lately. A good crazy! The red door is in and we love it. My oldest daughter and I got career advancements after we bought the door and were painting it. I also put the red framed Reiki Certificate on the wall. My husband also got a long-awaited bonus! He installed the door himself."
–Ann F., Neenah

"Nancy Freier designed our accounting office and in one month after moving in we got several new business clients! We are very grateful for Nancy's insight and knowledge. We now have a work space that we love to be in and our clients are impressed. Next, I will have Nancy come to my home because the results of Feng Shui and Nancy's designs are amazing."
–Rita D., Oshkosh

Essential Feng Shui® Consultation Prices:
• A Residential Consultation averages 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of your home; the amount of furniture and possessions in the home; the issues to be resolved and the goals and dreams you wish to achieve. $90/hour.
• Businesses / Corporate Offices / Commercial Properties: $150/hour | Non-profit organizations: $120/hour
• Collaboration with Realtors to get that house sold: $250/listing

• Romancing the Master Bedroom ~ $120

• Creating a Home Office that Works for You ~ $120
• Refer a client and take $25 off your consultation!

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