Drop a stone in a pond and the entire body of water is affected by the ripples. The same thing happens when 'dropping' a change in the environment. Everything iin the environment is affected. My work is to assure the changes are positive.
There’s a secret to good-looking and well-functioning interior design. Certain principles play a role in the proper placement of furnishings and treasured decor in your home or workplace — even the landscape — that directly affects your experiences, your relationships, your health, your wealth and prosperity that can give you an overall sense of joy and well-being.
My works involves an intuitive analysis of your space based on my background and training in Interior Design and Essential Feng Shui®. During the appointment I make certain adjustments to the space that might include rearranging furniture pieces to ensure proper energy flow. I might also suggest design and decor upgrades, such as a new color palette or why decluttering an area is important with regard to the outcome you want to achieve. We can start at the blueprint stage, or with the existing house, and with my years of experience and skill set, you can relax and enjoy your new environment.
Everything is energy, everything is inter-connected and everything is constantly changing. My work is to ensure they are positive changes. To get started, I ask you to think about the following question: In what area(s) of your life could you use a boost?
       • Health and Well-being;
       • Increase in Financial Wealth and Prosperity
       • Improved, Rewarding Relationships;
       • More Peace, Harmony and Happiness.
The changes I suggest for you always reflect your own personal style and tastes and produce life-changing results. Take a moment and read what past clients have said about my work and what it has done for them. I post the comments to inspire you!

Nancy Freier is an interior design specialist blessed with a keen, intuitive awareness of the connection between you and your environment. With over 30 years experience of helping clients solve all kinds of personal problems and situations that altered the course of their lives, be assured she can help you, as well. Keep reading this site for more...