My sweetheart died suddenly and unexpectedly on November 18, 1986. His sudden death shook me to my core and challenged everything I believed in up to that point. I thought my life was over and wondered why God didn't just take me, too. I prayed to get through the ordeal alive and sober. I cried out loud, "God help me get through this alive, and I promise I will help others so they don't have to suffer!”

    At that time I felt my prayers were never answered, that my pleas for help were futile. I had lost my fiancé ~ was I also losing my mind for hearing a voice say to me…"This is not the end… this is just the beginning!”

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In Memoriam
Jerome R. Surdyk
May 13, 1945 ~ November 18, 1986
Jerry and I celebrating my birthday
three weeks before he died.

On a day between his death and the funeral I was “led” to AA’s Central Office in Milwaukee where I lived, and a pamphlet titled, “Grief, How to live with sorrow” flew off a shelf at me. In it I read, “Ask for the grace to believe that somehow, some way, sometime your loss and the pain it brings will be turned into a blessing for yourself and others... and have faith in the infinite wisdom and love and power ~ that there is a reason, a good reason, why this happened. Someday [God] will make it known to me; but until then, I will ask Him to sustain me.”

Well worth the 35 cents I paid for it.

A bolt of lightning would have had the same affect. Heaven heard my cry for help and the angels came rushing to my rescue! I could feel the energy of their wings as they embraced and comforted me.


In the days that followed, things happened that were nothing short of miraculous. I am here to say it was the angels' wisdom and love and power that led me through the ravages of grief; and, it was by God’s Grace that I was able to awaken and listen as the angels told me, “Our work together could finally begin!” They had been waiting for me to arrive at this place!

After some time of researching, then teaching myself what I called the inner listening/automatic writing process, I shared the news that an angel was speaking to me with a close friend, Rev. Joann Baumann, a holistic faith healer. I was surprised that she immediately asked me to ask the angels for help with some of her clients with whom she could not communicate to know the cause of their suffering, let alone where to focus the healing energy. So, I asked the angels, and in an automatic-writing session, they would reveal the cause and give guidance on how the person could heal. Joann would apply the suggestions during the healing sessions ~ and VOILA! ~ she saw miracles happen! It was those beautiful stories she shared with me later that led me to publish The Inner Voice magazine ( so more people could be inspired and heal ~ the fruition of my promise!

Over the years since then I have done hundreds of readings. I was inspired, in part, by the work of Edgar Cayce~“The Sleeping Prophet” and by using an automatic-handwriting technique I developed from instructions from Milwaukee Psychic Ruth Tarkinow in 1986, and from books I read by Author Ruth Montgomery. The readings brought healing miracles and comfort to many, leading me to the conclusion that this is Earth School and ""Everything happens for a very good reason" ~ just as that little 35-cent pamphlet stated.

I still do Readings! Contact Nancy for more information. I will be happy to help you!


How Listening to the Angels Began...

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