I hope you are inspired by the work I've done for others and know that I can help you, too.  There is no problem too large or small that cannot be transformed given the opportunity.


There is a direct correlation between you, your goals, and the physical structure in which you live. In my work, I connect-the-dots. I analyze these things, then make strategic changes according to time-tested Feng Shui principles. The results are amazing! Some have even said this was an answer to a prayer.

Take the first step.
What can I help you with?

When to call me ...

• You're in the blueprint stage

• Planning a remodel, or a simple room makeover

• Placing existing furniture or buying new furniture

• Choosing paint colors, textiles, flooring, decor

• Moving; downsizing to a smaller home

• Decluttering / Organizing / Space Clearing

• House Blessings

I've helped others achieve...

• Increased wealth and prosperity

• Improvements in health conditions. A specialty is kid's bedrooms and transforming behaviors such as Attention Deficit Disorder to happy and contented.

• Harmonious and peaceful relationships of all kinds. My work has contributed to 'saved marriages,' resolved conflicts with neighbors and co-workers, and has helped people achieve many other personal goals.

"Our 9-year-old son was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. The simple suggestions Nancy made regarding his room allowed him to return to his happy, normal self in a very short time. I am thrilled at what this has done for him and our family." -K.B.


"Nancy has an incredible capacity to open the flow of a room. Her eye for creating a nurturing space is amazing!" – Jennifer L.


"Thanks for the amazing changes you made to my office and retail space. Things are going extremely well!" –Deb T.


“Every area of my life has been enhanced by the changes Nancy made in my home. I recommend her to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their lives!” –Amanda L

“We redid my husband’s office according to Nancy’s suggestions and he loves it! Now he’s sitting in the recommended location and the room looks terrific!” –C.P.


"My bedroom looks marvelous – serene and welcoming. Painting is done, artwork is hung and I couldn't be happier. Thanks!." – P.A.

Nancy Freier – Intuitive Essential Feng Shui® Design Consultant since 1999 – helping you place your furniture and decor in ways that enhance your life goals and attract new opportunities.

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