Testimonials from past clients...

"Thank you for this beautiful reading! I will continue to read it and reach out to you again in the future." – Anne B.

"What was said to me in my reading impacted me in ways I had not imagined! It opened my eyes to see what I need to do."– J. W

"I was fortunate enough to have an angel reading with Nancy Freier very recently and, though I didn't know much about angelic guidance beforehand, I was truly amazed at the results! I found the process automatic writing) that Nancy uses fascinating and was very happy with the way my questions were fully addressed and answered. And not only were my questions answered but the angels were so talkative that I received some "bonus" guidance that was very pertinent and resonant to my life.

"I have had three channeled readings in my life from three different people and found it very interesting that, in all cases, the communication began with the greeting "Dear ones."  I think this is an important point because the messages have all had a similar spirit of endearment and love that one does not find very often in human company. And the wisdom that was imparted during the reading helped me put to rest issues that I had been struggling with for years.

"I would highly recommend a reading from Nancy Freier "the Angel Medium."  You will understand yourself, your purpose, and destiny much better and you will be comforted to know how truly loved and supported you are in the angelic realm."
  –Barbara LeVan Fisher, Author of The Spirit of Saint Hildegard

"The reading you did for me was awesome beyond words. The angels answered questions I hadn't even verbalized to you! Thank you so much!" –E.K


"Your readings need to come with a warning to have Kleenex ready. It was truly heart-opening and amazing. I cried all the way through it." –D.S.

"The reading you did for me resolved a long-standing family issue. I followed what the angels suggested and have already seen results!" –M.S.

"I have known Nancy for years, but we hadn't been in recent contact. Last summer I had several business endeavors I was involved in. I received an e-mail from Nancy telling me she had received a message for me from her angels. It was a complete surprise when I read the message because it stated that I had too many business projects, and to succeed I would have to pare them down, and focus on the strongest one. I later asked Nancy if she knew I was involved in multiple business projects, and she replied that she did not, and that what she wrote to me was what spontaneously came through her guidance. Since I received her message, I have focused as suggested with positive results, and am consequently very impressed with Nancy's abilities. –Richard P.

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