My Background & Training:

• Associate of Arts Interior Design, 1972

• Western School of Feng Shui®, 1999

• Intuitive all my life

• Ange/Mediumship Readings since 1986

• Publisher of The Inner Voice Magazine (1993-2001; 2012-present)

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My Story...
At age 10 I bought a House Beautiful magazine with my 50-cent allowance. Paging through it and seeing all those beautiful houses, I knew that I wanted to be an interior designer when I grew up. I naively felt that if you lived in a beautiful house, you would be happy. Ten years later I was in Milwaukee attending design school, and upon graduation, I began working for one of the top interior designers in Milwaukee. Success! I made it! And, although things were going pretty well, I was puzzled. I intuitively felt something important was missing. I saw people living in beautiful homes but they weren't necessarily happy!


I left the design field over this. Then, sometime later in the early 90s, I heard for the first time the term "feng shui" – the ancient Eastern (Chinese) art of placement. It was in yet another magazine article entitled, "Now there's a doctor FOR the house!" That was it – the missing piece! Finally, my intuitive sense about this had a name! This ancient art and philosophy of environmental placement called feng shui had reached our shores.


I thank Terah Kathryn Collins, author of The Western Guide to Feng Shui for translating this ancient "secret" art and science into practical terms. We are able to apply these design principles on how we build and live in buildings today in the West. She also founded the Western School of Feng Shui® from which I graduated in 1999, and have incorporated these design principles in my work since ~ with amazing results.


"Shortly after I applied Feng Shui principles to my house, the property I wanted for years became available and our home sold quickly." -Evana M.

"When we opened my husband's new office, we incorporated Feng Shui enhancements. In his first month there, he had his biggest sales month in five years."-Linda K.

"I received an overwhelming positive shift in my ailing health right after applying Essential Feng Shui principles in my home. Thank you!" -Michael L.


"I went all out enhancing my love and marriage area according to Feng Shui. Within weeks a friendship became a wonderful romance and we've been happily together ever since!" -Gail A.

Essential Feng Shui ~ A unique Divine Design service

There’s a secret to good-looking and well-functioning interior design ~ it's about proper energy flow based on the application of certain feng shui principles (and intuition!). The placement of furnishings and decor in your home directly affect you and your experiences, including your relationships, your health, wealth, and prosperity. When your home is set up properly according to these design principles, you have an overall sense of joy and well-being, and everything else in your life is working well.

What is "Feng Shui?"

The term feng shui is translated to mean, “wind and water.’ It is a design philosophy that has been practiced in the East for thousands of years and has become popular in the west in the last few decades due to its extraordinary effects on people. Feng shui is an "environmental psychology" that sees the world completely alive, with all things – buildings, streets and furnishings – connected in a dynamic relationship that influences all we experience including: improved health conditions, rewarding relationships, and an increase in happiness and prosperity.

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Essential Feng Shui® addresses the special needs of our Western culture. Its practical and effective approach establishes harmony between the seen and the unseen. As an Essential Feng Shui® Design Consultant, I help you create the ideal home and/or work space that support your life goals and ambitions.


During the appointment I analyze the space using the 5 Elements of Fire, Water, Metal, Wood and Earth; the floor plan and the placement of the furniture in your environment. I work to enhance your personal design style by rearranging the furniture you already own and love to bring about optimum flow of energy ~ and your goals! Your new design may include removing unloved pieces and/or making some wise new choices for furniture, textiles, art, and other decor items to achieve the changes you crave.


You can relax and enjoy the confidence of working with a trained professional. As a graduate of Western School of Feng Shui®, my commitment is to help you achieve the look YOU love, and your 'feng-shuied’ house doesn't have to look 'feng-shuied." It's your house and it will be a reflection of who you are, using the things you love.

I serve the Fox Cities and Northeast Wisconsin – in person – and everywhere else using Zoom,  Skype, or Facetime technology. e-mail Nancy

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