Feng Shui: an environmental psychology

There is a direct correlation between you and the house you live in. Once we understand that everything is energy; that everything is connected to everything else (us included); and that with time everything is constantly changing – we can truly see this is an "environmental psychology."

Through the years of working as an interior designer and feng shui consultant, these principles have been proven over and over again. Make a change in the environment, and everything else changes along with it. In my work, you can be assured these changes will be good ones, aimed for bringing about your dreams and goals. I go above and beyond the physical space to make sure you get the results you want.

"I valued your help [with rearranging my furniture] so much more as compared to the counselor I went to." – C.L.


Make everything around you beautiful

When we have made everything around us beautiful – our homes and everything in it, we will have done perfect "feng shui" for ourselves. That is the goal of my work with you.

"I love love love my new Feng Shui-ed space. It takes my breath away as I step into my office. I feel more open, joyous, energized and free! What a WOW difference. Thank you so much for your expertise. I was inspired by your fabulous guidance, grace and support., and I am thrilled with the outcome. My space is clear, inviting, supportive, healing, and full of love and expansiveness. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will recommend you to everyone I know!" – K.U.

Everything is in motion

#1 Everything is energy

#2 Everything is interconnected

#3 Everything is changing all the time...

... and my job is to help you change along with it, and make your home environment not only reflect who you are today, but let it be an affirmation of where you are going.

This client called for me to stage their home as they were divorcing and selling the house. It was one day after I enhanced their Love & Marriage area of their home, she wrote: "Thank you!!! My husband and I are wonderful again! We even said I love you to each other and it felt wonderful. How quickly changing energy works! Thank You ,Thank You, Thank You!!!"– S.R.

UPDATE: They ended up selling this house and moved to their dream home with stunning views of their acreage of wooded land!

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