What is A Reading?

Nancy has been blessed with a clairvoyant / clairaudient ability which means that she is able to “see and hear” messages from the Angels and Guides in Spirit. To document what is being said, Nancy has developed a unique automatic-writing technique originally inspired by the work of Clairvoyant  Author Ruth Montgomery, and others. The advantage to this type of reading is that you receive the information in a letter from the Angels who have addressed your personal issues and answered your questions. Because it is written, you are able to re-read their message whenever you need to.

The reading can be done without your physical presence. We can initially communicate by phone or email. Then, I do the reading privately which allows me to 'go deep' and listen without interruptions. I type the words as they come to me, and when the reading is finished, I email it, or print and mail it.

The information I receive comes from what I refer to as the inner voice – who identifies itself as "Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light. "They" explained early on that they are like a huge corporation of angels -– each with their own area of expertise. So, depending on the subject of your question(s), I sense that Sreper, as C.E.O. hands it off to the head of that particular department. (Smile.) In addition to receiving information from the Angels and Guides, I have received messages from loved ones on the other side – bringing through words of comfort; and from the basically timid fairies, elves and nature spirits who want so much to connect with humans. Pets have also come through, as well as deceased who I call "belong to the ages" – people such as Abraham Lincoln who wanted to give guidance to a new college student!


Nancy aka. "the Angel Medium"

Since consciously awakening to the Angels and Guides in Spirit in 1986, I've been busy receiving their answers our questions! When we call on them for their perspective, they are there and ready to answer. The Angels and Guides in Spirit et al, have guided hundreds of people through all kinds of challenges in body, mind, spirit, emotions, relationships, careers – and have answered questions of all kinds. Many of their dissertations are on my Angel Talk Blog and can be read here:

Through the years of doing readings, the Angels persist there is always "a very good reason why things happen" and will reveal them when asked. The readings go straight to the heart (of the matter) and give you the clarity you need to let go of the struggle and take the next step on a higher path.

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Books by Nancy Freier:

• Heaven Help Me! A Celestial Guide To Healing (currently out of print). A compilation of information from the Angels through the years. A second edition is currently in the works and will be forthcoming. Stay tuned.
You Can Talk To Your Angels This is 'teach yourself' guide book (44 pages you place in a 3-ring binder). Reading it, and following the exercises, you will learn how to talk with the angels and guides and document their messages. Please note: Nancy is available to teach this class on Zoom or Skype. Please inquire.


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It is said that when a Red Bird appears, a loved one in Heaven is near.