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The information I receive has always been signed "Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light, aka. Michael. Depending on the nature of your question, Sreper, (as the C.E.O. of a huge "corporation of angels") gives the question  to the Angel in charge of that department for him to answer as guided by your personal Guardian Angel. The Angels insist "everything happens for a very good reason." A Reading will give you clarity.


In addition, I also receive messages from loved ones on the other side. Evidential Readings bring through words of comfort and peace for those grieving the loss of a loved one.


I also receive messages from other realms of existence including: fairies, elves and nature spirits who want so much to connect with humans. Pets also come through to ease their owner's sorrow. I have also received messages from those who "belong to the ages" ~ people such as Abraham Lincoln, who surprised me by wanting to give guidance to a college student.


The Angels and Guides et al, have led people through all kinds of challenges in body, mind, spirit, heart, emotions, relationships and careers. They answer questions of all kinds ~ both personal and global concerns.


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It is said that when a Red Bird appears, a loved one in Heaven is near.

Readings Menu ~ Press here to request a Reading
~ I usually reply with a day ~
1. Urgent Mini-Reading –A brief 15 minute Skype, Facetime, or phone call.
2. Mediumship Reading
Messages from The Other Side in a 30 minute Skype, Facetime, or phone call.
3. The Full Monty Reading
If you want to get to the root cause of why something is or isn't happening, this is the reading for you! It is done privately through an automatic writing (typing) process in which the Angels address your questions. We might talk briefly before the reading but the price includes a follow-up call after you receive it via email.

~ Readings are payable by check or PayPal. Turn-around time is about a week, sooner if urgent.
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