Need An Answer? Ask the Angels!

The information I receive comes from what I refer to as the inner voice of an angel named "Sreper, Angel of the Great White Light. "They" explained early on in my communicating with them that we could think of them as a huge corporation – each angel having their own area of expertise. So, depending on the subject of your question, I sense that Sreper, as the C.E.O. of this corporation, hands it off to the head of that particular department to answer. I will feel a shift in the energy and the sound or tone of the inner voice will also vary.


In addition to receiving information from the Angels and Guides in Spirit, I receive messages from loved ones on the other side. Evidential Readings bring through words of comfort and peace for those grieving the loss of a loved one. I also receive messages from other realms of existence including: fairies, elves and nature spirits who want so much to connect with humans. Pets also come through to ease their owner's sorrow. I have also received messages from those who "belong to the ages" ~ people such as Abraham Lincoln, who surprised me by wanting to give guidance to a college graduate.


The Angels and Guides et al, have led people through all kinds of challenges in body, mind, spirit, heart, emotions, relationships and careers ~ answering questions of all kinds, both personal and of global concern. (Read my "Angel Talk™" column here.)


The Angels persist there is "a very good reason" why things happen. The purpose of a Reading is to give you  clarity so you can understand the situation and let go of the struggle. That is the gift of having the angelic perspective on your life.

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It is said that when a Red Bird appears, a loved one in Heaven is near.

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1. Angel Reading ~An "in-depth reading" that reveals the root of the problem. The Angels offer their advice and compassionate guidance to empower you to see as they see, and make wise choices to heal and move on. How this works: You email your questions, I do the Reading, and e-mail it to you, and we have a follow-up phone call. Price based on $90/hour.
2. Mediumship Reading ~These are relatively shorter in length (20-30 minutes) and can be done "Live" on Skype, Facetime, or Zoom by appointment. $2/minute.
3. Urgent Mini-Reading –A brief 10 to 15 minute phone call ~ $$ donation in any amount.
~Readings are payable by personal check or PayPal. Turn-around time is about a week, sooner if urgent.~
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