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  • Terah Kathryn Collins

'Tis the Season for more Light

‘Tis the Season when short days and cool temperatures beckon us to spend more time indoors. Feng Shui sees the winter season as a time when the Fire element, represented by the sun, is low and needs to be “stoked” in our homes to nurture our health and happiness. To do this, we warm and brighten our interiors with lighting and other Fire-related enhancements.

Candlelight is an instant mood-maker and brings out the best in people’s skin tones. Transform a room by lighting it entirely with the luminous magic of candlelight. With safety always in mind, hang candleholders on the walls and old-fashioned candelabras from the ceiling to fill the room with an enchanting glow. Group pillar candles, tea lights, votives, and tapers together to create multitiered ‘banks’ of illumination. Use reflective trays and holders to multiply and magnify the light. Choose one candle color for an elegant look, or a variety of colors to capture a more playful casual atmosphere.

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