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The Power of Lemurian Crystals

From the June 2018 issue of The Inner Voice, I interviewed Diane Bloom of Free Spirit Crystal who shares this fascinating information: "Lemurians have their origins from the ancient continent of Lemuria in the Pacific Ocean. The civilization of Lemuria was known for using crystals for healing and enlightenment. It is said that if you are drawn to using these crystals, you may have been a part of this civilization. The closer they are to your body, the more the vibration will effect your system. Holding crystals and stones in your hands transmits the energy throughout your nervous system as all the nerve endings in your body are in the palms of your hands. This is also the case for holding stones on the bottoms of your feet. You can also carry them in your pocket, in a small pouch around your neck, or as jewelry. The vibration will work with you throughout the day."

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