Welcome to the Year of the Earth Dog

This is one of the best years to move forward on achieving your most cherished dreams. Pull those wispy “some day” longings out of the ether and plant them in the fertile ground of 2018’s strongly focused energy. Walk, don’t talk your Dogma. Choose a few goals this year and get action-specific with them. Align your thoughts with your goals through affirmations and supportive daily routines. This year favors every stage of a project’s development and completion. New business launches, home improvements, social group connections, health projects, fresh endeavors or old faithfuls alike--now is the time to harvest successful accomplishments in many fields. The more planned and tailored to your needs you make the process, the better. No need for expensive embellishments. Dog energy is pragmatic and economical. “Just git ‘er done, so we can go play!” calls the dog.

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