The Inner Voice - January 2021 issue

At the beginning of this New Year, instead of pessimistically and painfully recapping how difficult 2020 has been for many of us, I decided to place my focus on the good that has come from it and to look ahead to the good that is possible in 2021. My life’s theme from A Course in Miracles is ~ “A happy ending to all things is sure.…and if it isn’t happy it isn’t the end.”

Let’s begin the year with a focus on what is possible. Choose something greater than yourself to believe in, and move toward it. Make 2021 fantastic and overflowing with abundant hope and good health. With God, whom I choose to call, “Divine Intelligence” all things are possible. I am highly inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work. He shows us the way in his article on page 7 entitled, “Rehearsing the Future.”

My other writers contribute their ideas for cracking open that steel-trap door of our ego mind (that only knows the past); and, open it to the field of possibilities to create, and then live life to our fullest potential in 2021. If you struggle with opening that door, call on Divine Intelligence to step in and help you! Also, I just want to say that Joshua Becker’s writings called Becoming Minimalist have inspired me more than I can say! I am grateful to let go of the excess baggage to make room for the new. Join me, will you? We are turning up the Light in this New Year!

Nancy, Publisher

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