Bamboo: A Symbol of Good Luck

Bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui 'cures' and is a beautiful addition to just about any space in the home or office. In feng shui, bamboo is considered to be lucky. It teaches us to be flexible and open (bamboo is hollow on the inside) so that spirit can freely flow through you and heal you.

Live with what you love.

When you can say that you are completely surrounded with beautiful things that you love, it raises your personal vibration. Then, I can say that you've done perfect feng shui for yourself. "In the ideal world, your entire home is one big environmental affirmation. You are surrounded by objects and architecture that lift your spirits and please your senses, have wonderful feelings and memories associated with them, and continually affirm your harmony and balance in life. When so benevolently surrounded, your environment acts like a giant cornucopia of positive chi, and you are constantly nourished and strengthened by your material world." –from "Feng Shui A-Z" by Terah Kathryn Collins

Violets in the Bedroom

In traditional feng shui plants are not often recommended for the bedroom, however African violets might be an exception, at least to some feng shui practitioners. African violets are beautiful, colorful, easy to grow, have rounded leaves, and are thought to absorb electromagnetic rays from a TV, computer, or other electronics ... if you're forced to sleep in a room with these items.

The 5 Elements

When all five elements are represented and properly balanced, you will feel wonderful in the space! Balancing these is one of the main pursuits of feng shui.

Afraid of color?

Add just a touch to the door jamb – vertical sides of a doorway, arch, window, or other opening! I love this!

Create coziness in master bedrooms

One of my pet peeves is extremely large master bedrooms! Bedrooms are meant for rest and relaxation. We retreat there at the end of the day to unwind from the day – not to be stimulated and overwhelmed by such a large space and huge vistas of city lights! The one good thing about this photo is the designer must have intuitively felt the need for coziness and placed a welcoming 4-poster canopy bed in the room. If you're designing your bedroom, think small and cozy, using skin tones and faux furs.

Enhance your cash flow

Feng shui works by symbolism. If we place objects that mean wealth to us, say gold coins – to the wealth area of the house, it is said it will improve your cash flow. Place coins in a blue, red or purple crystal bowl for an added boost. No Chinese coins? Try chocolate gold coins!

Feeling confused? Organize your closet!

An organized closet lessens confusion in other areas of your life! Start by going through your closet and make sure everything is being worn, used and is in good condition. Remove everything and then add each good item back, one-by-one. What's really fun... is hang the clothes in order by color to make a once 'messy' closet look attractive and well organized. Plus, you'ill save time getting dressed each morning.

Design metaphors

In Essential Feng Shui®, we observe and listen closely for the metaphors speaking through the forms and structures that surround us. For example, is the path to your front door easy to find, wide enough to swing your arms, well-lit and safe by day or night, and beautified in some way? If so, this pathway brings grounded support for your life’s journey and any fresh experiences you may be considering."

The meaning of shapes

I did not write this but found it interesting as a way to take a look around your house and analyze the shapes you live with... "Just as numbers and colors have their own vibration and meaning, so do shapes. Our environments are comprised of shapes, both natural and man made. We respond to these shapes with the subconscious, just as we respond to color. In Feng Shui, we can use the deeper meanings in shapes to create the circumstances we desire. The following list briefly explains the meaning of some common geometric shapes: Circle - Wholeness, continuity, unity, harmony, heaven Square - Solidity , permanence, stability, earth
Triangle - Movement, change, direction toward a goal Rectangle -

The shapes of things...

What are the common shapes in your home? Do you have a lot of square items that keep you stable and grounded? Or do you have triangle shapes that keep you moving and changing? Using shapes and colors that coordinate with their vibration or meaning can help to change or create a specific outcome.

When to call a feng shui master

Here are some ideas to know when to call a Professional Feng Shui Consultant: When you want to increase your prosperity, enhance your relationships, boost your health, or upgrade your life in any way.
 When you are designing and building a new home, or office building. Start with the idea stage, as it is easier to erase a line than it is to tear down a wall.
 When you are remodeling or building an addition onto an existing structure. 
When you are choosing an existing home or business location.
 When you're selling a building, or a piece of land.
 When your life has changed in some important way since you moved into your current home or office.
 When you would like to simply bless the build

Feng shui: a key for any predicament

If you have a predicament in any area of your life: Career, Knowledge & Self-Cultivation, Health, Family matters, Wealth & Prosperity, Fame & Reputation, Love & Marriage, Children, and more – call me! We will make changes in your home to free trapped energy. When it's moving, your house (and life) feel good and miracles happen!

Feng shui is a time-tested design philosophy

It is not a religion or something you have to believe in for it to work. It is all about energy flow and good, common-sense-design that makes your life work better. I've seen marriages saved from divorce; people advance in their careers; have more cash flow; and better relationships with their loved ones no matter what their 'religion.'

Sharp edges and corners affect you!

Sharp, protruding angles and corners are dangerous and unsafe. They produce 'cutting chi' or an arrow-like energy that can make you feel irritable and uncomfortable. If your furniture has sharp corners, drape fabric or a vine over the corners to soften' them – just like you did when you 'baby-proofed' your home. What little kids hurt themselves on is the same for adults. I was at a client's house where they all had bruises caused from a glass-top coffee table. Once we replaced that with a friendlier table with rounded corners, they stopped hurting themselves and were less irritable.

Feng shui ends arguments, and more!

I've seen couples go from starting divorce proceedings to reconciling their differences and happily staying together. I have seen people go from dead-end jobs to getting promotions and salary increases. I have seen couples wanting children become parents. I have seen businessmen who didn't want to travel 90 percent of the time be able to stay home 90 percent [Click and drag to move] ​ of the time. All this and much more... as a result of a good redesign with feng shui. Think about what I can do for you!

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