Yin and yang: the good, the bad and the beautiful

The practice of feng shui is symbolic. Every object in the space gives off an energy similar to the ripple effect you see after dropping a stone in a pond. Therefore, be mindful of the objects you live with, for their energy affects you either positively or negatively. Much of my work with clients is to help you make these determinations while also properly placing the positive chi items to bring about amazing results.

Peonies: A symbol of romance

In ancient feng shui, the peony signified marital love. It was said that to display paintings of peonies would assure young women of marrying age, a husband who would look after them ... but never display such paintings in homes of older, married couples, as it could risk the husband developing a wandering eye.

Koi Fish

Happy, healthy fish swimming in a pond or an aquarium help enhance prosperity and flow. To further enhance wealth, place nine fish in the tank or pond, including a black one.

Chinese Coins Boost Metal Energy

Chinese coins, with their round shape and square holes, symbolize the unity of Heaven and Earth.The red tie causes the energies of the coins to be released. The combination is auspicious for luck in business and is said to improve finances.

A Lucky Cat?

Yes, this is a fun object of Japanese origin, that you can place in the 'wealth and prosperity' area or as a greeter in a foyer. Some 'Lucky Cats' have a moving, waving arm. In a business, a lucky cat is usually placed on a counter or shelf so that it is beckoning people, good luck, and wealth into the business (positioned so that people entering through the doorway can see the cat's face and raised paw).

Wind chimes can attract wealth

Hang a wind chime to attract unlimited business opportunities. Traditionally, they were hung in the north, but in Essential (Western) Feng Shui® I like to place them in the wealth and prosperity gua. .

Create a focal point of photos, art

Whenever we can arrange similar items together, such as photos, it creates an interesting focal point for the room. Grouping 'like items' has more of an impact than scattering them about the room. Another benefit, if you like to change your art frequently, arranging the pieces on a shelf allows for ease in changing the pictures without worry about filling nail holes and painting walls.

Use all 5 Elements for Balance and Comfort

In this room, I would say that the black WOOD pieces also read as the WATER element. I might add a little more FIRE such as a red or orange pillow or two to bring the room more into balance.

Need more energy? Paint the front door!

To draw more energy or chi into your home, consider painting the front door a contrasting color. If the color attracts your attention, it also attracts chi, which is one of the main tenets of feng shui. Also, keep the front path and entryway clear so the chi can flow without obstruction.

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