Dragon with Pearl: The Mother of Good Luck Symbols

One of the most revered celestial creatures the Chinese used for good fortune is the dragon holding a pearl. This symbolism is too powerful for the bedroom (it will keep you awake at night), but is great for the office... especially if the dragon is fat and prosperous-looking.

Symbolism of the Dragon-Tortoise

In addition to the last post about the tortoise in feng shui, it is said that the dragon tortoise with baby brings eight types of luck, especially wealth.

Tortoise: Symbol of Good Fortune

The tortoise is a creature of great longevity. Its hard shell also signifies protection against adversity, illness, and people with bad intentions toward you. If a tortoise should find his way into your home, welcome it and feed it, as it signifies wealth about to come into your family.

When you need to call a feng shui expert...

People often ask me, "When is the best time to call in a professional feng shui consultant?" I like to remind them that your architect, builder, and interior decorator are generally unaware of the affect your home's energy has on your life. Save time , money and heartache! Call in the feng shui expert when you're designing and building a new home or office; when you're remodeling or building an addition onto an existing structure; when you are choosing an existing home or business location; when you're selling a building or a piece of land; when you want to increase your prosperity, enhance your relationships, boost your health, or upgrade your life in any way; when your life has changed in

Wind chimes: An effective anecdote for many ills

Adding a wind chime to an area is one of the most effective cures for sharp edges, protruding corners, overhead beans, and even harmfully placed bathrooms. When using wind chimes to overcome 'killing breath', it is wise to choose a 5-rod chime (either solid or hollow) since they have the power to press down 'bad luck.' If you have the option of choosing one with a pagoda design built into the wind chime, it becomes even more potent!

Using stones in the bathroom

The use of heavy stones and boulders simulates the powerful earth energy of the mountain. This symbolism can be most powerful in overcoming the effects of toilets causing problems in the home. Place a large boulder in the bathroom, (or a pebble bath mat) to symbolically press down any 'bad luck' created by the toilet.

Fans: Good or bad?

Revolving fans not only keep the house cool during the warm summer months, but they also increase the chi around the house.

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