Benefits of a minimalist bathroom

If your bathroom is over-stuffed, you waste time getting ready for the day. Keeping things tidy and in their proper place can save time and energy. Keep toilets and drains closed to enhance your wealth and prosperity.

Benefits of a minimalist kitchen

Kitchens need minimalism to be safe, nourishing and inviting. If your kitchen is over-stuffed, your life can feel equally challenged where your health and wellness and even prosperity is concerned.

Happy New Year ~ it a great time to clear the way for the new.

If you have a lot of decluttering to do and don't know where to start, break it down into more manageable segments like choose one drawer, or a closet shelf. Empty the drawer or shelf. Then, before putting anything back, take each item and decide if you use it, love it and if not give or sell it to someone who will. If it belongs elsewhere, take it there. Doing one small area at a time helps get the energy flowing and you will be energized by it.

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