A minister's office gets new life!

I met with the minister at our Unity Church and told her I would be happy to "re-do" her office and set it up in a better way. A day or so later, she walked into her office, threw her hands in the air and said, "I can't do this anymore!" I had her help me rearrange things (see photos below) according to feng shui principles and to suit her needs. The next Sunday she shared the experience in the service as a "miracle!" Top photo is office 'before' – and below are two 'after' photos.

Keeping up with changes

Everything is energy and everything is constantly changing – including us! In feng shui, we find a way to change along with it so our home is always a wonderful place to live AND is a reflection of who we are.

There's feng shui help for kid's rooms

Need some cool ideas for organizing their stuff – and keeping it that way? Remove and donate all out-grown/unwanted clothes and toys, etc. When that's done, be sure to involve your kids in organizing what is left. If they have a say in it, they are more likely to keep their rooms organized. The more simplified the room is, your child has a better chance to sleep well, study, and be more focused!

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