When you need to call a feng shui expert...

Updated: Mar 11

People often ask me, "When is the best time to call in a professional feng shui consultant?" I like to remind them that your architect, builder, and interior decorator are generally unaware of the affect your home's energy has on your life. Save time , money and heartache! Call in the feng shui expert when you're designing and building a new home or office; when you're remodeling or building an addition onto an existing structure; when you are choosing an existing home or business location; when you're selling a building or a piece of land; when you want to increase your prosperity, enhance your relationships, boost your health, or upgrade your life in any way; when your life has changed in some important way since you moved into your current home – (marriage, divorce, child moves out to go to college, change in career, etc.); or when you would like to simply bless the house you live in and know that it is supporting you and your life goals.

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